Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been busy. Boring busy.

I am working on a photo shoot for a corporate campaign that doesn't come out until January so I can't really share much about it. But I promise to show you when I can.

I've got a week of lead up prep. I've been knee deep in lingerie and women's shoes. Oddly, I still find a moment or two to run over to men's shoes and check them out. Okay fine, and buy a pair.

Then I have 7 days of shooting at a warehouse in downtown LA. I've seen the site and I guarantee I won't wear my flip flops next time. FILTHY floors.

All of this means that anything I would normally need to have ready during these two weeks needs to be done by Thursday.

Sorry, this space may be sparse for a bit.

Interesting thought I've had about the blog - recently a friend commented that lead such an interesting life. I realized that my life is interesting by omission. Some stuff you may have missed:

After those grand dinners the dishwasher runs at least three times.
It usually runs three times during the day of prep as well.
Those cute puppies on the blog poop a lot and it gets cleaned up as well. I have learned just when to breathe in and hold my breath as I stoop to scoop.
I watch a lot of tv. All of it recorded on my Tivo. It's my quiet time at night.
I woke up at 5 this morning with my head too full.
Don't give your dogs steak bones as a treat. They have both been puking all night. Boiled over ham bones seem to agree with them much more.

I'm sure there is a ton of stuff I could dull out with, but I just don't want to spoil the magic.


Rachel said...

Dull is good. Dull gets underrated far too much.

Michael Guy said...

Naturally I'm eating lunch at my desk to learn of your dog poop and puke tales. Thanks. Thanks so much.

(hope the shoot goes well. Any lucite hooker shoes in an 11.5?)

A Lewis said...

I'm sorry, could you please repeat that....You're in knee-deep in what, exactly???? You damned California liberals. You're all the same.

Sherri said...

I know just how dull my own life is when I read about your dullness and think "Wow!"

Yeah, it's sad over here.

Carolyn said...

And here I thought you lived a life full of glamour and beauty. There's nothing glamorous about dog poop and dishwashers. My illusion is shattered!! You mean to say that you deal with life's minutia too? The horror...

"Just David!" said...

Glamorous indeed! It just depends what you're wearing while you do all these things. Just an FYI, dog poop doesn't come out of chiffon!

landis smithers said...

dog poop does come out of chiffon.

you just have to have the right lackeys doing the wash.