Saturday, January 10, 2009

whaddya' wear?

For Christine and Rachel who have asked "What did you wear?" I have started taking photos (badly) of Lyle and I before we leave the room for dinner.

(this post will be minimal. I am tired. I have to go to work. I CAN'T BREATHE - I should have made my mother send me Chinese herbs to deal with all the shit in the air here.)

Dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Cut, a steakhouse. Lyle has on overdyed plaid jeans with a tuxedo stripe down the side and his faboo new shoes. I am wearing grey wool pants that have a Griffin embroidery detail in repeat and black patent leather shoes.

At dinner they bring the meat by for you to make your selection.

Lyle had the bone marrow flan appetizer. I said, "Look, they came in dog bones!"

Dinner at Bouchon.
This was at the end of a 12 and a half hour day with no breaks. I can't believe we were standing, let alone dressed to go get food. My tie is the favorite part of my outfit.

Lyle loves the "petite plateau" of seafood.


A Lewis said...

Just want you boys to know that I'm following your adventures....and thought of you this morning when I flew in, and back out, of LAS. But there are so many posts I just can't comment on them all! Looks like a good time.

PS-- I want to see some BOY BITS (not chick bits!)

Rachel said...

You guys look great!

Fabulástico said...
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Fabulástico said...

LOL... «Petite plateau» is wrong in so many ways that is even hard to start.

First of all it's a masculine word. The right expression is: «petit plateau».

Secondly, although it can mean tray is rarely used in that sense, «Plateau» it's mostly used meaning «stage».

Finally, what you wanted to say was «petit plat» or, if you really want to make those bitches jealous, an «amuse-gueule».

Sorry about this, but is so funny when Americans try to be sophisticated. Just be proud and speak english. Thanks to America, english is the the nowadays «langue franque». (sorry again, no pun intended)

tee hee

Michael Guy said...

I am short. You'll see.

You look fabu! As does Lyle.

jason said...

Fabulous! Love those pants!

dit said...

You both look fantastic and dinner looks tasty too.

Peter said...

Love the 'Griffin' pants.

Does Lyle work at your company?

landis smithers said...

what would jim wear?

it's good to know. . .