Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oops, I missed something...

Ever have those months (or years) where things go by so quickly you don't even have time to wash your clothes in between, let alone blog about it? Yeah, that's been my December and January. Today I am washing shirts that came home in the luggage from Vegas. I think this means I haven't done the shirt laundry for a month. Socks, underwear and jeans I am not so picky about so they got done a few times in between. On the bright side, this tells me I have plenty of clothes. On the down side, I was missing my favorite shirts as they were at the very bottom of the laundry pile.

So, where were we? Oh yeah, I missed a couple of big deals on this blog. I was too busy out living them to sit down and write about them. Technically, I didn't miss them.

My dad celebrated his 80th birthday on December 21st! I was very lucky to be able to fly to where my parents live and celebrate with the rest of my family in person. The way I see it, my dad will only turn 80 once (I on the other hand, plan on turning 42 a number of times).My father's family. Rosie, Alice, his father Christ, his mother Katherine, and in the front row, his twin brother Ed (on the left) and my dad Ted (on the right). Ted & Ed are around 8 years old.

Slow forward 72 years and here are Ed & Ted on their birthday:
The day started off with breakfast with the extended family of aunts, uncles and great aunts, and peaked with an open house at the senior center where more relatives and friends dropped in for cake and coffee. You know, one of those days where it all becomes a blur of faces and hugs and impossible to remember all that went on. I got so busy, I forgot to get my camera out. Luckily my brother Scott took many photos.

Then everyone left. It was a Monday. People had jobs to return to and Christmas was just around the corner. Since I had flown in, I made the plan to stay until the next day. That night my parents took me on a driving tour of the county to see all the Christmas lights. (You'd never know it from this blog, but I kinda enjoy Christmas decorations.) We toured our way to a small town called Everson and went for German food to celebrate my dad's birthday.
With the word "schnitzel" in the title of the restaurant, I knew I'd have to have some. Though I come from hearty German heritage, somehow I had NEVER had schnitzel before in my life. I only know about it from the song in the Sound of Music, "Raindrops on roses, and schnitzel with noodles..." I ordered the schnitzel with noodles.

It's pork. It's covered in sauce. It's delicious.
I know, the photos doesn't look all that appetizing, but trust me, I would eat some RIGHT NOW. (and you know what a food snob I am.) The portions are huge, I took half home.

Since it was my dad's special day, we HAD to get dessert. Apple strudel with ice cream and a sparkler.


I flew home the next day, and suddenly, it was Christmas.
Our friend Erica and the Buche de Noël from our favorite neighborhood French Bakery Maison du Pain. I'm sure you can tell from her expression, why she and I get along so famously.

Christmas nibbles for a casual cocktail party.

Nutcracker, candy, cookies and assorted delightful decor displayed on the bar in the dining room.

That's some of what "got away" from me in December. Oh sure there was that trip to Puerto Rico, New Year's with friends, decorations, undecorating... oh my head... stop, stop, STOP! I can't remember anymore. It's all going blurry...


Oldyeller said...

Uncle Ed still going with the plaid 72 years later. Your dad has a youthful face for 80.

jason said...

So cool!
Amazing how they seem to have almost the same looks on their faces 70 or so odd years later.

Rachel said...

Your dad does look GREAT for being 80 and you can so see the family resemblance in his kid picture when compared to you and Gary.

"Just David!" said...

your life is such a whirlwind, i love that!!!

Anonymous said...