Monday, August 16, 2010

My (mostly) fabulous life

This is how I start my day. Toast on the left, coffee to the far right.

I like to pretend that my life is easy, breezy. I share the fun stuff, the goofy stuff and the exciting stuff. But rarely do I go boring. Until today.

I've been busy with work (YAWN!).

I'm not complaining. Work pays for a lot of stuff. Okay, it pays for everything. I love our new car Mrs B. and she came after I worked a whole bunch of time to make the money to buy her.

And I still do other stuff. We have half season tickets to the Hollywood Bowl again this summer. We go every other Friday night.

Here's the problem, I got up today all full of good intentions to sit down here and write, write, write, a clever blog entry. Share, share, Cher. I sat down at my work desk and already I was behind. I thought I would just get this one thing done and get back to my blogging. But after emailing that one thing, there was a follow up email, then my email was on, then people knew I was at my desk and well... It's 4:00 and I am just stopping to get a bite of lunch and write this boring blog post.

After working on this computer for the last 6 hours, I can't stand to sit here another minute. I have one other thing I planned on doing when I got up this morning, and gosh darn it, I'm gonna get that done too!

It's right here behind me while I've been working all day.
I promised I'd have a nap with Lola and Cooper.


The T-Dude said...

Those puppies look like they are willing to start that nap without you!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better in this world then curling up with the dogs on the bed and taking a nap in the afternoon sunshine!

Michael Guy said...

Yes, toast to the left; coffee to the right...and the Bloomies' bag straight ahead!!

Miss them doggies, I do...

x o

Jules said...

Wow, that looks comfy. I'm furtunate enough to be able to afford mysel the luxury of falling asleep mid day too. I love naps.

Cheryl said...

Ahhh! What a sweet picture.

Rachel V. Olivier said...

That reminds me. Time for my nap.