Friday, September 03, 2010

Just desserts

Chocolate pot au cream with a side of whipped cream, opera cake, and a raspberry tart from Maison Michel Richard. Lunch was very good today!


Michael Guy said...

I'll take #2 with a cappuccino, please... :)

TOO FUNNY (the word verification is TRANN)

Rachel V. Olivier said...

If I could just have the whip cream with a good dark chocolate bar and some espresso or coffee I'd be good. Or ice cream with the coffee.

Jules said...

How do you two stay in good shape, eating stuff like that all the time?

"Just David!" said...

omg, it's 7am and now i'm craving desserts

verification word: lichie... makes me think lychee but then went immediately to tres leches... see what you've done