Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween, West Hollywood, 2010

Last night was the annual West Hollywood, Halloween Parade. And by "parade" they mean 500,000 people walking up and down Santa Monica blvd stopping only to take photos or get a drink. If you couldn't make it, lucky you! I did.

Lyle and I are terrible at planning what to be for Halloween. I am the master of last minute costumes that cost under $100 for two people. We've been "New Year's Eve" which consisted of wearing black suits with bow ties, drinking only champagne and throwing confetti on everyone as they passed by; French people in which case we wore striped T-shirts, a bandanna around our necks and carried a baguette; Cowboys and one year we just went out in flannel pajama with messed up hair carrying teddy bears.

On Saturday we decided on Hockey players, which morphed into Gold Medal Canadian Hockey players.

Canada for the GOLD!

We went out with our friends Todd and Dan and their friend Chris and Tom.
Todd and Dan, "Hey Sailors!"

Chris and Tom, "Satan's minions."

And then we hit the boulevard! The boulevard is closed at noon to prepare it for the onslaught of humanity. They have stages with live performances. There is a need to outdo what you did last year, to out shine the person next to you, have your costume be as current as it can be or to show as much skin as possible. We saw a lot of Chilean miners, Snooki and well built guys using any excuse to call underwear a costume.
My personal favorite of the evening: Karl Lagerfeld!

There are no words to describe...

Satan's minions and a lifeguard... "Easy Access" indeed.

Glitter and be gay.

Our first Snooki of the evening.

I couldn't help but think she was out as a smoking Barbara Billinglsy.

Everyone loves a Dutch man. Why so serious Todd?

We had started out at 7:00 pm and we were home by midnight. I woke up this morning to with two big bumps and scrapes on my forehead... Oh yeah, Dan and I fell down about 10 pm. I can place that because I texted my friends, "concussion" at 10:05. The craziest part of all that, I felt quite fine this morning. I swear to god, next year I'm going as Karl Lagerfeld.


Robb said...

How did you managed to disguise that oh so unique and pungent hockey gear smell!!? And I can't believe you're out getting concussions without me!

My Blog said...

GURRRLLLL!!! I wanna do Halloween with you guys next year!!!

jason said...

Love that Karl L. idea.
Any excuse to carry a fan!
Oh, and one could have the excuse to have a hunky young model follow behind.

Jules said...

Ummm.. big guy in the little undies.. sooo unappetizing. Good thing he's standing next to hottie.

You two looked great, even tho I hate hockey.