Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mr Cooper very happy

Cooper came home last night. He is very happy and we are very relieved. He ate, he peed, he pooped, he wanted a ball. Everything seems right in his world.

He also slept A LOT.

He has quite a few pills I have to get into him and he is being good right now. I think in a couple days when he feels better and figures out what I am doing, he will stop being so good.

In the meantime, he is sleeping comfortably behind me while I work.


A Lewis said...


Peter said...

I'm glad he's back home with you. Loosing him so short after Lola would have been devastating.

Mr. Cooper get well soon!

Jules said...

Oh my goodness gracious... I'm so relieved after reading that last post to find out that he's going to be ok. Give him hugs and kisses from me!