Friday, June 26, 2015

David VanNoy 1961-2015

David VanNoy died today in Mexico in a hail of bullets.  That's not actually true, but he once told me that is how he wanted to be remembered.  "Wouldn't that sound so much better than 'succumbed after numerous illnesses'?" he asked me.

He lived every day as if he may be it his last. 

I met David way beack when I started this blog.  A small group of us found each other, flung across America and we bonded.  Chicago, Houston, Long Beach adn Los Angeles.  Unlike many blogging people, we saw each other in person.  We called our group the "Big Gurl Stitch and Bitch". 

David was fearless.  See someone interesting, mention it to David ad within minutes you're all talking and making plans to visit each other's summer houses. Ask David for advice and be prepared to hear the down and dirty honest truth that will cut you to your core and set you free at the same time. 

I once asked him why he started his blog, "Because I'm dying darling, and I my parents won't speak to me.  I figured one day I'll actually be dead and they should know what happened."

He went to his heart doctor a few years ago and was told that e had about 9 months to a year left to live.  Parts of his heart no longer worked and his pacemaker couldn't fill the gap.  "I went to the tattoo parlor to get my expiration date tattooed on my ass." Oh David, you're not going to expire.  You've beat all expectations.  You'll pull this one off as well. "No darling, this one has no escape." But the date isn't a certainty.  Don't get an expirey date, how about lkie milk, you can just get "best before"? "Not to worry honey, I went in to get that tatoo and they wouldn't touch me.  Some bullshit about HIV+ and needles... but I really wanted to! You're right, I'll go with 'Best Before'."

When Lyle and I launched our madcap adventure, cutting loose from LA and living life as if we may not have another chance at it, that is inspired by David.  When I am fearfull, I tell myself, "just channel David." And when I tell you a story that sounds unbeivable but true, it probably involves David. 

It's said that Diana Vreeland invented "Faction" the marriage of Fact+Fiction.  David would say, "Technically your story is true but it's boring! Why would anyone tell a boring story?"

And so that is how I came here to let you kow that David VanNoy died in hail of bullets.  He would have wanted it that way.


Jules said...

Love this post, Jim. I guess I should check back more often. I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but it sounds like he will never be forgotten and his spirit will not be lost.


jason said...

Oh no! I'm so truly sorry to hear this.
God speed his soul

Martha Edwards said...

I don't even know how I got to this blog, but the post about David VanNoy was so beautiful. Thank you.

Rachel V. Olivier said...

I have not been by here in a very long time. This was a good read.