Sunday, May 30, 2010

OMG. Carrot Cake.

I made carrot cake on Wednesday, iced it on Thursday. It weighs over 20 lbs. This is Saturday and it's half gone.

The puppies have only had licks off plates and utensils but they agree, my carrot cake is the best!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kitchen clean up

Clean up is a snap with double trouble waiting to lick the beaters!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gray vs. Grey

With all the hoopla of the house being worked on, I had forgotten that I needed to get my ass in gear to redo the master bedroom. It's funny, the old chocolate and navy had stopped working for me about 6 months ago. I picked out new curtains downtown (but haven't bought them yet) and had been quietly contemplating the drama of changing paint color. Don't get me wrong, I was always planning on hiring someone. But just rearranging stuff can be so trying. Well, it's been rearranged. So now on to the redesign.

Nice size, good scale. But perhaps a tad large for the space I'm working with.

I'm digging this look. But I'm not really ready for a mural.

I know it's not brown. It's not a bedroom. But it's so well put together!

Also not brown. But it's just a yummy look. I'm definitely considering matching his/his chandeliers instead of side lamps. I've already got them. (some images stolen from Michael Guy, thanks!)

So far what I know for certain, is I love these curtains:
Where do I go from here?

Monday, May 17, 2010

First floor, hotel lobby

I may get into trouble here but I'm gonna say it anyway. My mom is a little crazy.

When I was growing up with my parents we had what most people would call a normal living room. It had a TV, a bookcase with knick-knacks, a recliner (for my dad), a few chairs and a couch. It wasn't a designer showroom. There was a lot of wear and tear on that house. We really lived there! But it was comfortable.

After all of the kids moved out, the living room started to drift... A desk was added so my dad could play computer games. One large bookcase got traded out for two smaller bookcases. The knick-knacks got switched out for a lot more family photos of grandkids and grandpets.

Then came the most jarring change of all. The couch left. Not really a huge deal, it had been there a long time and the colors of the room had evolved and the gold couch didn't really go with it anymore. The weird part is, a new couch didn't arrive in it's place. Two chairs arrived instead.

I came home to visit one weekend and there is was, a vast room ringed with chairs.

What happened to the couch?
I gave it away.
Why'd you give it away?
I didn't like it. It was old and ugly.
And someone else wanted it?
It wasn't a bad couch. I just didn't like it anymore.
When are you getting a new one?
I'm not.
Why not?
I don't like couches. I think they're hard to sit down in and get out of.
Then don't sit down on it.
Don't be a smart ass.
You don't even sit in that room. You only sit in your office or the dining room. You don't even watch TV.
I can still see it from the dining room.
And the mere thought of a couch in your living room makes you angry?
I don't care about the living room. The living room is your father's room.
Then why'd you take away his couch?
Just leave me alone!

It wasn't the prettiest couch, but three out of four children fit on it at Christmas.

So when I go home to visit my parents, there is no where to relax. One time I was so tired I just wanted to watch TV and lie down. I had to lay on the floor. My mom won't give in. I told here I was going to go buy her a couch and just have it delivered. She yelled at me and told me she would refuse it at the door. Apparently, I'm a pill.

No one wants to be told they are "just like their parents." we all want to be our own unique self. With all the upheaval in the back of our house, we've had to move things around. The chaise lounge from the guest room moved out to make way for our dresser. The chairs in the living room moved to the dining room to make room for furniture from the master bedroom.

A few days ago I took a look at my living room and realized, there are no chairs. But there are FIVE COUCHES. It looks like a hotel lobby.

In my own defense, once the bedroom is completed, the extra seating will return to it's proper place. We will once again, have one couch with a chaise lounge sectional attached, one loveseat and two chairs in the living room. On the other hand, my mother will still have just six chairs.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The beast goes on...

So, what's new? Not much going on here. Same old, same old... House renovations? Naw, nothing of interest going on there because oh yeah, NOTHING IS GOING ON.

What I have come to learn is that the team we had here to try and dry out the moisture damage from the leaky roof, was only that: "The Team to Dry." As I got used to them, they finished their job... or rather, proved they could not finish their job. They have taken their toys and gone home. Drying did not work, so now we proceed to the tear it out and put in new phase.
Where the hardwood floor has been torn out is where the drying/sucking pads had previously been. Since they cut into part of the floor, now they can not match the old floor. So an entire new hardwood floor will have to be put into the master bedroom.

But before that, they will fix the walls.

But before the walls, they will have to replace the ceiling.

But first... a contractor must be chosen! Imagine my shock to discover that there is no seamless transition team leader. One group is done, and no one knows who is supposed to come in next. Not only has no one told them to come, no one has interviewed them to hire them to come!

So Lyle took it upon himself to hire our previous plumber to rip out the bathroom fixtures last weekend while we were away. The toilet was already taken out for the floor removal. Now the vanity, sink and tub with enclosure have all been removed.
Then Lyle and I had a brilliant plan... what if instead of waiting for someone to come and get this kick started, we just kicked it ourselves?

Lyle has already started ripping out the walls of the bathroom.
Our landlady has selected a contractor to put it all back together. We have asked to be included in the planning because, and I will be very honest here, we have much better taste. And so it begins! Nothing! Extended periods of nothing! One good thing we did learn last week is that the insurance company will be refunding us a portion of our rent because we are no longer living in a portion of our house. For once, I am pleased to say, that seems fair.