Sunday, February 03, 2008


Poor Cooper. He never gets to go anywhere. We got Cooper from a shelter when he was about two. We've had him for a couple of years. When he is good he is a delight. When he is bad, not so delightful. Last summer was his first trip to the beach. This last weekend was his first overnighter.

We took the dogs to Palm Springs. We have so much going on this month we felt like we were going to be spending a lot of time away from the pups. Since we could take them, we did take them.

When we go out each night for the evening walk, Cooper pauses next to the car and looks up at me, then the car. Me, then the car. I tell him no, and we go for our walk. He tells me often how much he wants to go out of the yard. To go far and see sights. To ride in the car. You spend enough time with the dogs, the start to talk to you. You spend too much time with the dogs, you start to understand.

Finally his dream was realized on Friday and we packed up the dog bag, the leashes, the pills, the water bowl, the dog gate, two towels for the back seat, dog toys, a bag of treats and most importantly - THE FOOD. That's when Lola sat down under the dining room table and waited. She knew that wherever that food was going, so was she.

They were very well behaved all weekend.

Then came time to go home. Eager to get in the car and follow the same packing routine we loaded up and all of us got in. Then Cooper began to fuss. And whine. And pace the backseat. We thought he'd settle down once we got on the freeway. We planned on stopping at the outlet mall in half an hour. He'd get out be better after that... Nope.

The winds kicked up. The rain began to fall. It would have been a great dust storm if it hadn't been for the rain. Instead it was more like a mud hurricane. As we neared the outlet mall is was pissing rain and howling wind. "Keep driving," I told Lyle.

We got stuck on the highway for an additional half hour due to an overturned car that closed off two out of four lanes. All the while Cooper cried.

Lyle took two aspirin without the benefit of water. I sucked on a throat lozenge as I had a sore throat. Lola tried to sleep. Cooper cried. I yelled at Cooper. Cooper whined and cried.

Halfway home the rain let up briefly so we pulled over to let Cooper potty. That had to be it. Then he would be a good boy and ride quiet the rest of the way home. Right? Nope, he barely peed then pulled to return to the truck. I've seen him pee more on a tree at the end of half hour walk around the neighborhood just to mark his territory! Back in the car it was another hour of crying before we made it home.

I ate a bowl of ice cream with frosting slathered on top to induce a sugar coma so I could fall asleep and clear and my head. UGH.

Other than that a lovely weekend. Visit with Lyle's parents. Visit with Robb's family (Hi Robb, thanks for updating your blog!) . No sun to speak of. No shopping of any consequence. Dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurant in the middle of the desert. I still have a slightly sore throat that started last week and just won't go away. It won't come on stronger either. Just that nagging tickle...

I've got big plans for the rest of the month, so I shan't be letting any throat tickle slow me down. Onward and upward, better living though medication!


Carolyn said...

Poor babies! The dog was traumatized, Lyle had to swallow aspirin dry and you missed the outlet mall! At least the rest of the weekend was a success.
If it makes you feel any better, it is raining here too. Sadly, it will melt all our snow and will get my hair wet...which sucks because I am having a great hair day.

Lyle said...

to be clear - it was 2 tylenol#1's, much larger than aspirin!

Lewis said...

Cute little thing (the dog...not you guys!)

Rachel said...

I think he just didn't want to go home. Sounds like he liked Palm Springs.