Monday, February 18, 2008

Long time no see

Hiya. It's been a while. My life got a little full and I didn't have time to say hello.

Who wouldn't love to have their photo taken with a GIANT chicken?
Uh, my nephew Sam.

Who loves Biscuits and gravy?

Two weekends ago, while hosting our Manhattan friends, my sister and her family visited LegoLand. LegoLand is kinda far from LaLa Land where I live, and the traffic between here and there can be a nightmare. But on Saturday the were heading to Knott's Berry Farm. That was sort of a middle meeting place between us. How could I say no?
Uh, like in the morning?
Okay, sure.
Meet at 9?
Uh.... (resigned sigh) Sure.
So I got up at 7:30 on a Saturday (normal waking time any other day of the week, about 9) and got showered and dressed pretty to meet at Knott's Berry Farm for Breakfast. They got a little lost but ultimately it was well worth the wait. If only I'd have had more time to spend with them. However I was hosting a birthday party at my house that night for Lyle and had to get home to annoy him.
Our friend the amazing florist Brad kindly sent flowers because he could not come to the party. As lovely as they are (and so impressive!) I'd really rather he attended.

Lyle's birthday fell on Chinese New Year this year. So we threw a Chinese themed birthday party. It is the year of the rat this Chinese year. Rats are gross. So I completely ignored that part of the theme and just went with Chinese.

Last week I ran away to Palm Springs to escape the tar fume next door. While in the desert, I kidnapped another niece and brought her home for the weekend. Funny part is, I wasn't even home this past weekend. She did get to explore Los Angeles with another equally fabulous tour guide, Chandra (our permanent resident niece).

As guests left, and guests arrived, one thing remains consistent - my life is far too busy!

We attended a Valentine dinner on Thursday. Long story, extremely shortened, met Paula Abdul. Did not get a photo.

Lyle had a work function to attend in San Francisco over the weekend. So we flew out on Friday and back on Sunday. That's why I wasn't around the computer much at all.

All I am saying about our trip at this point is, I don't like to fly on United Airlines. They have bad customer service in their terminals. And I won't go on a rant about it this time. It was exhausting and I won't fly them again. Done.
The view from out room at the W Hotel in San Francisco.

Home now (just barely) and leaving again Friday.


Rachel said...

Busy couple of weeks!

The T-Dude said...

That looks like a great view. I'm not a fan of United either, they seem to cancel more flights than just about anyone else.

Michael Guy said...

Okay. I am no poultry expert but I think you are indeed standing in front of a giant cock, i.e., rooster. Note the comb.

Also...I have a tendency to speed-read and at first read " normal WANKING time" and thought...'hmmm, me too.' But then I reread and got 'waking.'

Wow! Sweet flowers/fun b-day party for Lyle.

YOU are one very busy mo'fo!!!

Travel safe.

Carolyn said...

I wish my husband had a "normal wanking time". It sure would take some of the pressure off me.