Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony Sweet!

I went out to celebrate my friend Tony's birthday last weekend. I know, I seem to go out a lot lately on my blog. Actually, I'm just taking my camera out with me a little more, and then waiting until once a month to go through all the photos.
Tony is amusing me in this photo. He doesn't drink but is humoring me by holding my glass while I take photos.

This is not the best photo of either one of us.... but doesn't my bow tie look fabulous!

Everyone loves getting bunny ears, especially Greg and Jose!

I don't know what else the occasion was but the "Here Lounge".
As in:
"Where are you going tonight?"
Not here here, Here the Bar.

God I hate that bar's name.

So in addition to public outing Tony for getting older, I mostly wanted to show the world that I can tie a bow tie.


Michael Guy said...

Never wait till the last minute to tie a bow tie.

The wedding will start without you as I learned a few years ago as a frazzled guest dashing into the ballroom. Mazeltov, indeed!

Nice pics, per usual! :)

Rachel said...

I love that bow tie! It's very you and very snazzy.

EXSENO said...

That must have been a hilarious conversation. Funny.

dit said...

and look fabulous doing it!