Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Belle Blues

Today I am feeling very "unprotected" in my own home. If anything happens to either Lyle or me we have no recourse, no connection, no bond, no safety net according to the law of the land. Don't give me any bullshit about legal papers or contracts between individuals. Time and time the system has shown that there are people who will ignore those and you are left to fend for yourself.

Since I can't put all I have in my head down on paper, I will share these photos with you.

Lyle's parents wedding.

Jim's parents wedding.

My sisters wedding.

My brother's wedding.

Our wedding.

I started saying this last November, I define my life. I am married. I have a husband. You can legislate against me and deny me my rights, but I define my life and will continue to do so.


jason said...


(and how'd you two end up with the best wedding picture?)

A Lewis said...

Right on, boys. I'm sending you the biggest hugs I can today.

Michael Guy said...

Gorgeous wedding pic of you two; I concur!

Rachel said...

It was a wonderful wedding!

The T-Dude said...

Carolyn and I were shaking our heads just last night about the injustice you and Lyle suffer. It is just plain wrong.

dit said...

That is an amazing and beautiful photo of you and Lyle.