Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, Google me!

A long time ago, like in January, we were trying to get home from Las Vegas. Without warning the freeway from Las Vegas to Los Angeles was shut at the Nevada/California border. I'm going to skip over all that ensued and just go to the part where we take a remote side highway through Searchlight and towards Needles, after which we will rejoin the highway we should've been on all along.

So there we are basically NO WHERE and we see a really odd car ahead in the distance. What the hell is that? As we get closer and closer it really doesn't get much more obvious. Then when we are finally nearly on top of it I see the bumper sticker that says, Google.


I beg Lyle to slow down so I can get my camera out and snap this photo:That's the camera stuff all up top taking photos all around, all the time.

We drive by and wave and smile. The driver gives a wave and feeble smile. I'm guessing he gets waved at a lot. Hopefully all the waves are as nice as ours.

CLICK HERE to see me taking the photo!

Periodically I check in on the road in the middle of NO WHERE and see if they have the photos up. Today I hit pay dirt.

You probably can't tell, but that car is COMPLETELY full in the back.


Rachel said...

Oh, how fun! Was it you or Google that nicely blurred out your details? That was considerate.

A Lewis said...

That is one of the wildest things ever! too bad you weren't naked!

jason said...

oh wow! you're a celebrity now!

Michael Guy said...

AWESOME! Thank GOD you were sporting HERMES orange!

Christina said...

that is cool. makes me giggle. the camera picture is funny.