Friday, September 04, 2009


On a recent tour of my birthland in Washington state, I was privileged to sample the delicacies of the land.

From this:
I picked a large container, scratching up my hands and staining my fingers in the process. Then I had a large container of blackberries, so much better than the kind I can buy here in Los Angeles, but what could I do with them?

I placed them in a Ziploc bag. I placed that Ziploc bag inside another Ziploc bag. Then I placed that double bag inside a piece of Tupperware, which inside my carry on luggage. No one even questioned it.

The berries made it home and on a day when the temperature was about to hit 95°, I turned the oven on to 400° and made this:

Oh my god. I had it for breakfast the next day as well.


Cheryl Ford said...

Yummy! Your Mom said you were in Bellingham. Sorry to have missed you but I've moved to Folsom. You probably don't remember meeting me at your Mom's 70th birthday party. I love your blog. And I'm honored you're reading mine. Thank you. What is that on top of the blackberries?

A Lewis said...

yes, Yes, YES YES YES....

Stephen said...

I didn't realize that you were from Washington. I grew up in Spokane & lived in Seattle for 20 years as an adult.
When we got our house in Portland, the backyard was overrun with blackberries, which was bad exxept for the berries. We would have cobbler all of late summer. Yummm.

jason said... love LOVE blackberries.
Picked some earlier this summer myself from the country.

"Just David!" said...

We used to pick them out in the country in Louisiana. You'd have to watch out for the big water moccasins though. That always added a little extra thrill and it's how I learned to shriek like a girl!!!

The T-Dude said...


Margaret said...

That looks delicious! I just had some of my sister's homemade blackberry jam this morning. Soooo good!

And the next time you're up this way, CALL ME!

Rachel said...

I miss blackberries!