Friday, September 25, 2009

Excuse me, has anyone seen my life?

Howdy. It's been a frantic time around these here parts. I've got a ten pound life resting on a two pound teeter-totter.

It kicked off in August when I agreed to do the styling and art directing for a 2010 corporate campaign. Usually it's near home, this year it was in Las Vegas. That added an extra layer of crazy to the event. As these things go, deadlines came and were missed and the next thing you know I was working around the clock through a holiday weekend, scrambling to pull it all together. Of course you know I did.

While on the set a shit storm erupted (you know I loathe to swear here, but that is actually the nicest thing I can find to say about what transpired. Trust me, you do not want to hear the "not nice" things). A difficult cross-country jog day plan, became marathon runs in the desert with a 60 lb backpack and no water. 20 hour days left little time left for things like eating or sleeping. Sleeping is so over-rated. It does nothing for you except make you able to do things like think talk or walk. Not to worry, I had the last day planned for just relaxing by the pool. Except we had to do some pick up shots the last day and move our flight back 4 hours. Oh, and both of us still had another day of work for us when we got home.

We returned home to out of town visitors. That was a welcome break from living inside my own head. I relaxed and enjoyed the brief time we had together.

But two days later, we left our guests in the house ("Have fun! Eat whatever you find in the fridge! Please!") and hauled our sorry asses back to Las Vegas for the International Lingerie Show. Less in charge this time, more of an attendee. At least that's what I kept telling myself in between setting up a booth for 5 hours, business dinners, meetings and walking the show floor. Not to worry, I had the last day planned for just relaxing by the pool. Except then Lyle was informed that he would be going to New Jersey for work the next morning and we had to move our flight up by 6 hours so I could get home and do some laundry so he would have clothes to take. Oh and he had to go in to work as well.

So Lyle is gone and I am home trying to gather the fragments of my life back together. This weekend looks full. Next weekend is Kylie Minogue concerts back to back. And the schedule rolls on and on... I can see Halloween just at the corner, Thanksgiving and Christmas are not nearly far enough out on the horizon.

When I am away from my lovely big computer and lack time to write, I have been trying to post photos via my phone to give you a sense of where I am. You may be seeing more of that in the next few weeks.


Carolyn said...

I can't believe you SWORE!! Even if you hadn't pointed it out it would have stuck out! Pollyanna is growing up. Sometimes "cheese and crackers" just doesn't fit a situation as well as a good old swear word.

Stephen said...

Wow...what a whirl-wind life you have been leading. Summer 2009 is gone & all I felt I did was work, work, work.... but you have me beat. I hope you take time to take a breath. I look forward to seeing your work.
Hugs from Portland.

Michael Guy said...

FIND time to recharge your batteries! Do you want to be all run down for flu season?!!

(sounds mother-like, huh?)

jason said...

goodness! take care of yourself out there. (I say, fewer backpacks in the desert...more champagne by the pool)

tanya d. said...

Happy thoughts and good Karma to you J.
Meeks filled me in. Oh-la-la!!
What goes around.....
in the meantime...
If you EVER need a friend to work the floor with me. I'm serious.