Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am in excellent company

About five years ago, Lyle and I discovered Fran's Sea Salt Caramels at Christmastime at Sur La Table in Los Angeles. Blissfully for my waistline, they were only available during the holiday frenzy. TO be completely honest, we bought two boxes, ate them, and went back for more before Christmas had even arrived. Believe me when I say, I was glad I couldn't get them more often.

The next year, we went back for more holiday deliciousness and we were horrified to find out they were not carrying them that year. But in a evil twist of genius, they told me where to find them... Seattle.

Fran's Chocolates is located in Seattle. There is a location in University Village that is quite accessible when I am in Seattle visiting family and friends. On my next visit North, I went in and was delighted to find my holy grail of chocolates, and so much more!

Lately, I seem to be flying over Seattle to get to my parents in Bellingham. At first I considered stopping in Seattle, renting a car and driving the hour and half to Bellingham so I would be able to stop at Fran's and get my fix. Schedules and timing and exiting off the freeway just to get chocolates wouldn't always permit this plan and seriously, I hate that drive due to worse traffic than we have in Los Angeles.

I will now reveal all that is perfect in the world. There is a shop in the SeaTac airport called Made In Washington and they carry both grey salt and smoked salt caramels. I pick up one box of each kind and bring them home.

Now i am thrilled to let you in on another tidbit about my favorite chocolate, someone else is a fan.
Fran's Smoked Salt Caramels are President Obama's Favorite Candy

Great. Now they're going to be harder to come by!


Christina said...

Those yummy fantastic caramels are available online. OH NO!

Rachel V. Olivier said...

I love those!

Michael Guy said...

Wait just a minute! I was told by a CA friend years ago that "See's" was the MUST-HAVE chocolate. Now this!?!

Enjoy sweetie!

Stephen said...

I worked a block away from Fran's for 5 years...can you even imagine the discipline it took?

We carry them in my store, but I have astrict rule about not eating at/from work.