Friday, April 23, 2010

Never a dull moment

I am very angry with whoever started the rumor that my life was boring or dull and that I needed constant excitement.

Our roof has been leaking. Lyle thought he could fix it by going up on the roof and applying tar. It helped, but didn't hold. A few storms back, the ceiling in the bedroom became the fountains at Versailles and we placed large Tupperware containers all over the floor to collect the deluge.

The water was tricky and moved about eventually finding even a closet location to drop water in, and I mean inside the actual closet, not just a secret place. Although to be fair, weeks later, I did discover a secret place that was leaking (ironically also inside the closet) and because we weren't aware of it, we found some slight mold.

The landlord was notified and within days we had the insurance adjuster in to see what kind of damage there was. That was Monday. On Wednesday the "water damage" specialists were here. Today is Friday. We have officially moved to the guest room.

They are sealing off the master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet and the hallway that leads to all things masterful. Tomorrow they will tear open all the walls of the master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet and hallway leading to all things masterful to begin the drying process. That will take approximately 5 days.

After the inside of the walls are dry, they will sand the floor for water damage and take out all the bathroom tile (which cracked due to water damage). Then those items will be repaired, then the walls will be put back in place.

The actual roof that leaks will be replaced this weekend from the outside. Why fix all that inside if the roof still leaked, right?

So the upshot is, the closet is emptied. All our folded clothes are stuffed into the bookshelves in the guestroom. All Lyle's hanging clothes are hanging in the laundry area and all of my hanging clothes are on a rolling rack in the dining room.

Furniture has been shifted from room to room, every secret crack and crevice in the rest of the house is now hiding stashes of artwork, bedding and anything else that once lived in the master bedroom or guest room. In short, DON'T OPEN THAT CLOSET!

And this is how we will be living for.... A MONTH.

All I keep repeating to the workers is this: "Memorize this closet. Put this closet back the way you found it."


鍾FeR_Quade0426 said...


Tim in Atlanta said...

I take it it's been raining more than usual in LA, and this is what happens when you build houses out of cottage cheese. Well, this will certainly relieve any boredom you may be experiencing. I know you, Jimmy. You'll be reorganizing through Labor Day. And so would I, of course.

Happy folding!

Michael Guy said...

OH for Christ's sakes! What a cluster-f*ck!

Are you in the 'Tiffany' room? How are the dogs dealing?

Good luck, sweetie; a complete drag but necessary. Think of how fresh it will all be once completed! :)

Peter said...

The best thing is... ýou'll get a brand new Master Bed-, Bath- Closet room back, freshly painted, new tiles etc. Before you know it you'll be decorating your new abode.

Julie said...

This sucks. On the bright side it will be all clean and new and you can paint it to match your art work. But it still sucks..... I see more Palm Springs get aways in your future...

Stephen said...

Does in actually rain in L.A.?

I am sorry for your troubles. I hope your situation ends up being better in the end, & I hope the workman don't try & steal/sniff your underwear.