Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gopher Prairie, here we come!

Ever wonder where I am? Sometimes I do too.

Don't look for me this weekend in Los Angeles or West Hollywood. Don't look in Las Vegas or Palm Springs. I'm passing by Seattle and all of the Northwest. Paris? Not this weekend. And I'm not out to sea on a cruise ship full of food. Nope, this weekend I will be chillin' like a villain in GRANDE PRAIRIE, ALBERTA.

That dot will be me. This is map of Canada (America's hat)

At the last possible minute, Lyle has decided he will be attending an event in the town that he was raised in. After his parents moved away we both believed we'd never be back there, but things changes and some people are very persuasive.

Off in the distance, that skyscraper is the heart of Grande Prairie, AB.

I am expecting a weekend of epic proportions. I know a few of the people on the welcoming committee, well, they're gonna' be welcoming me anyway.
I'm guessing the weather will be just slightly different from the last time we saw some of the gang...But I'm fairly certain there will be many, many, tumblers of refreshments. (I'm bring cheap liquor from America!)


Michael Guy said...

Have fun; happy trails to you & Lyle! Take pics; that's got to be some beautiful country up that away...

:) X O

Stephen said...

Is that Possum Holler?

Jules said...

HAHAHA!! Grande Prairie, hey? It's AlbertA, Jim.. couldn't help but correct you on that, seeing as how I'm just below you 8 hours in Red Deer. Awww... too bad you couldn't drive down to Calgary and pass through here on your way home. I know I might not be in touch often, but I'm lurking all the time! :) Enjoy seeing L's home teerritory!