Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ongoing in the back of the house

Each set of two pictures represents the progress made in one month. Please note results: nada mucho.

A month has gone by and you are probably wondering where the grand reveal is of our new refurbished master suite. So am I.

In the last month, the old single worker was let go and a new team of three was brought in. The single person was too slow and didn't have enough knowledger to complete the job. Now with three people, they can no longer come to do small portions of the project, there has to be enough work for three people for a whole day to make it worth their time. Or so I'm told.

The first thing the new team did was take three days to tear out what the last person had taken a week to put in.

We are no longer hanging back and letting our landlord take the lead. We are making decisions, paying for everything ourselves, saving the receipts for turning in later and getting this show on the road!

Paint color was chosen, but the task got handed off and thecwrong finish was purchased. Tiles were ordered and picked up, but now we need smaller tiles for the shower floor. Closet was started to put back together but instead of cedar for shelves someone got pine.

Frustration is high. Tonight Lyle and I cleaned up some of the mess the workers started over a month ago, but no one has made the effort to move anything. As Lyle keeps saying, you need to act as if you are guests in our home, and treat our yard and our belongings with the same respect and care that we would treat them.

It's time for this shit to get done.


Anonymous said...

You have a valid defense if you decide to murder, maim or just generally smack these people around...

Cheryl said...

Where did you find these people? You would have been better off hiring me! At least I can measure, saw, and glue. I also know the difference between pine and cedar.

"Just David!" said...

my goodness... i'm not having nearly as much trouble with my crew! (he typed, lying thru his teeth)

dit said...

Good idea to take take charge. What a mess. Hope you are both doing ok. Hang in there.

Michael Guy said...

Jesus gawd; I'd be on double martinis and valium with that mess. I know it will be fabu when you guys are done though. Hang in there! :)