Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My apologies

Starting today I have enacted the "word verification" option for all comments. I don't like them and had promised myself I would never use them (what the heck is an "uvama" anyway?).

The Asian spambots of commenting have won. They have worn me down. At first it was one or two spam comments happening on older posts (as if I wouldn't notice) so I turned on comment moderation that anything over 30 days would require approval by me. Then they came closer. I get at least one a day (+iron) and I'm tired of it.

I apologize. Do weeds grow where no one tends the garden? Is this because I've not been blogging enough?

Now you will be prompted to read AND write something extra if you kindly choose to comment. And I will need to get to work to keep this space worth all the extra effort.


Michael Guy said...

I'd walk through Hell's Gate to comment here!


dit said...

You do deserve these things and more Jim. Wear them both with pride. Lyle is right"You work hard for your money and you can do whatever you want with it."

I agree with Michael's comment too.

jason said...

oh my goodness...those shoes! Love!