Saturday, July 17, 2010

Take two and call me in the morning

Recently our doctor checked our cholesterol and found it to be "upper mid range" not high, per se, but not as low as he would like it to be. He prescribed a cholesterol lowering medication for both of us and I put the pills right between the coffee maker and the toaster. The irony being that Lyle took his cholesterol lowering pill every morning with two shots of espresso and a shot of heavy cream. While I took mine with coffee made with 1% milk, but two pieces of toast (whole grain, thank you Oprah) that were heavily buttered. Where does all that pesky bad cholesterol come from anyway?

We were diligent on the pills and at about three weeks in, Lyle voiced numerous complaints about being achy, lethargic and other common gripes. I had been complaining of lower back pain (which I never have) but had assumed I was just "sleeping wrong".

So Lyle took to the miracle of the Internet and began reading up on the possible side-effects of the pills we had been given. "That's it!" he cried out, "it's these damn pills. I'm not taking another one!"

I said fine. But then you have to change the way you are eating. Oatmeal is a good natural food source that has shown to lower cholesterol. Lyle actually enjoys having oatmeal in the morning and he agreed to start doing that again. (But hasn't. "Ahem.")

However I, can't stand oatmeal Its disgusting.

So I took to the miracle of the Internet to see what other food could lower my cholesterol. I found many sites that listed Oats, flaxseed, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. I had a brilliant plan.

I am always ready to eat a cookie. Why not make a cookie that is actually GOOD for me?

I got out my Betty Crocker cookie book, snapped a pic of the recipe and headed to the store.
I doubled the cinnamon, added a liberal dose of flaxseed, dropped the walnuts and currants (too Christmas-y for me) and then added dark real chocolate chips.
Et Voilá! I have 4 dozen cookies for my health. Who can say no to being healthy when it has chocolate involved? I HAVE to eat them! I am a genius.


jason said...

those have to be better than any pill ever could.

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Jules said...

Love this!! gonna try this later too! They look so good!