Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Kylie Minogue, not once, but twice in the same weekend!

First, at the Hollywood Bowl
With my friend Ellys.

Second at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas
With friends Zoel and Glen.

For blog purposes, I just took photos from both and mixed them together.

It was called the Aphrodite Tour and Kylie emerged as a Greek Goddess. with a Goddess theme flowing throughout the show.

Cupid Boy was a yummy number to watch. I wonder why?...

She had a great set with fantastic video dropped into the screen between the columns.

The finale was done to an Esther Williams water theme. In Europe (where she plays to much larger crowds) she had fountains and a pool as part of her stage set. Not in North America.

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jason said...

wow..almost like being there! :) Looks like great fun.