Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shhhhh... Secret side trip...

So while I've been posting about our recent trip to Paris... we snuck out of town for a long weekend in Puerto Rico. Overnight flight out late Thursday night with a Friday morning arrival. I've still got lots to say about Paris, so I'll keep this brief and full of photos. We flew in over Old San Juan. This was out third trip to Puerto Rico and the first time we would be staying in the heart of Old San Juan. On the far left of the picture above is El Morro an old fort that dates back to when Spain first settled here.

We stayed at the El Convento Hotel. The building was once a convent, now they have more than three bars.

The view from our room.

We ate.

We shopped.

We saw the beach.

We saw Jesus.
We walked around the city... A LOT.
That pink building in the back with a large green door and a small green door is the Fire Station.
We also learned that because of all the wind and ocean water that blows through town, that most buildings get painted every year. Which may explain why people make some really bold choices with color. Why not? It's only for a year.

Staying at the El Convento gave us beach and pool privileges at their sister hotel, La Concha.
We enjoyed the water.
We enjoyed the sun.
We did not enjoy the rain.
We got out of town and did a one day driving circle from Old San Juan down the west coast across the south and back up to San Juan.

Since we were in San Juan Puerto Rico in a former convent (was this the San Tanco?), I couldn't help but make references to "The Flying Nun" and wondered where Sister Bertrille was. Luckily we found Carlos Ramirez on the beach. He said he hadn't seen her for years.

On our southern coast tour we drove through Ponce. Though once as grand as Old San Juan, Ponce seems to have fallen on tougher times, but is working on maintaining its amazing architecture and history.

We drove back to our hotel, and on Tuesday we flew home.

In 6 days, my email received over 200 messages. That is after the spam filter took away all those "satisfy your woman every time" emails, and after I deleted many emails via my phone while gone. Over 200 emails that I actually wanted and now have to go through...


A Lewis said...

Hold on, here....Jesus is with you??? I thought he was just down the road.

Rachel said...

I'm very glad you had a nice time. Now, I want to hear all about the Strasbourg/Kehl trip when you go on it next year.