Friday, November 13, 2009

Choose some Choos

Tomorrow, H&M will be releasing a line of clothing, shoes and accessories designed by Jimmy Choo. They have a whole section devoted to how impossible it will be to get in to a store, where to line up, who gets wristbands, etc. The truth is, we all know four people will get in first by virtue of being friends with someone who works there, they'll load up a shopping cart, buy as much as they can, then re-sell it on eBay for a profit.

Though I would be interested in picking up a pair of Jimmy Choo boots for men, I did notice this little disclaimer just below the item...
Remember that shoes with leather soles are more vulnerable to water. We recommend that you replace the sole before using the shoes.

Seriously, we're just telling you upfront that this shoe is a piece of crap and even we wouldn't bother wearing them the way we sell them. Don't come crying to us when the shoes you wore on the ground fall apart. Buyer be warned.

All that being said, you know I'm still gonna' go take a look.


Julie said...

I knew there had to be a catch when Jimmy Choo boots were only $199. I have found Jimmy Choo sandals with hardly anything to them on sale for $350! This is definitely not Jimmy Choo at its best.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...


So far, the HM collection I most regret not getting anything from was the Comme Des Garcons one (with the polka dots).

Cheryl said...

I like my men to wear leather-soled shoes.

A Lewis said...

What? For real? is that normal with all leather shoes? I can't imagine that I didn't know this already.