Thursday, November 26, 2009


With all this talk about what we should all be thankful for this week I wanted to share some part of a conversation I was having with my cousin Julie.

We were talking about cars and car colors. I mentioned that I had a real dislike of grey cars because when you drive them in the rain they blend in with the pavement, like where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest:
Although the rainy season can last as long as eight months or more, it is usually about six months long, leaving Bellingham with a picturesque late spring and mild, pleasant summer. Although Bellingham receives an average annual rainfall of 34.8 inches (880 mm), many long weeks of short and cloudy days are commonplace in winter.

At which point Julie points out to me that I don't live in the Pacific Northwest anymore.

And we start a discussion of things we are thankful for because she and I both no longer live in the Pacific Northwest.

Julie: The amount of sandals I can wear without my toes getting wet. The fact that if I want, I can buy suede or leather. I love the fact you could buy those boots (at H&M) – they would be ruined in 2.5 seconds in our home state.

Me: I can wear my shoes from one end of the house to the other, outside, to the store, back home and put my feet up on the ottoman without ever having to worry about getting mud on everything.

Julie: I can wear my hair curly or straight because the lack of humidity allows me to straighten it and not have it frizz all over!

Me: I’m wearing shorts the day before Thanksgiving.

Julie: I am in sandals and a sleeveless top – have a light jacket over it for court at 3pm. I still haven’t turned my heat on yet!

Me: I’m blond year round!

I promise there are many things I miss about The Great Wet North, first and foremost are my family and friends. But I want to remind all those relatives and friends that I have a guest room where it is always summer and I would be most thankful to host you here.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

dit said...

Yes, I can relate. Although The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, I had to leave after school. I felt as if everything I owned had mold and I missed the sun. I love visiting now, but enjoy the blue skies of Southern California.

Rachel said...

Yes, I'm thankful for being able to slouch about in flipflops year round.