Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey, remember when I slagged off on the Jimmy Choo collection debuting at H&M? Guess who went in today a week and half AFTER it launched and bought that pair of grey suede boots?

Oh heck, you already know the answer. They're a little tight and they were the LAST pair of them in the store. So I don't know if a half size up would have been better or totally loosey-goosey on me. What I do know is that I have a few days to test them out here at home on the carpet and then return them if I don't like them. Either way, I just love getting what I want.

No, they're not brown or beige. That's the reflection from the table. They are very much a grey suede. Ah suede... only in Los Angeles can you be considered a winter boot material...


jason said...

They do look great.

I love suede, but I'm almost afraid of breathing too close to the screen and damaging them.

Julie said...

And you didn't contact me so I could give you my wish list and send you a check??? AHhh, the hurt is unbearable! (Okay, probably the jealousy overwhelming me!)