Thursday, February 18, 2010

All potatoes, no meat

So I've got nothing going on here. I mean, I always have 10,000 things going on, but nothing on a grand scale worthy of blah-blah-blogging about.

The weather is nice. It's been almost 80 for a few days. The forecast is for rain to come again on the weekend.

Work is busy. Either because I've left a bunch of stuff to pile up, or because other people waited and dumped it all on me at the last minute. Either way, its nice to have work to do.

The house is out of control and needs that "clean slate" clean post Christmas re-do. You know, the one where all the tchotchkes move to the dining room table and get re-placed about the house, or into storage while other things come out of storage.

I need to fold my sweaters.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver are taking over my life. I've got almost 9 hours of coverage to fast forward through every night to find the nuggets I want to watch. I am continually two days behind on all events.

So you can see I am just as dull as my neighbors without a blog and still, I got nothing to write about over here.


Rachel said...

Yeah. I'm kinda in the February Funk, too.

Michael Guy said...

You're anything but 'dull' sweetums. HUGS!

Christine said...

Yes, it definitely is February. A month to get through quickly - fortunately it's shorter than all the rest.