Friday, February 12, 2010


Though we had planned on being in Vancouver for these Winter Olympics with our friends Robb & Lewis, alas, we are not. As gracious and giving friends, they have launched a limited blog to take us all along for the ride of a lifetime. I am going out on a limb and recommending Robb & Lewis In The Olympics!

As Robb emailed me last night:
I figure you'll be hearing so much about Vancouver that you'll be thinking of us constantly! Or maybe you forgot altogether that the Olympics are in Vancouver starting in a few days... So in case you want to follow us through the Olympics I've created a blog (I think I can manage a two week blog). Now you can get the real on the ground story. And please, I won't be offended if this is the last time you look at it - it may be the last time we update it!
So, get it while it's hot!

Also, another friend of mine who regularly blogs, will be attending the Olympics and sharing her experiences, check out Haute Today. She should be arriving in Vancouver in the next day or two.

Via my friend Derek Morrison (another Vancouver Local), come these photos (I stole off his facebook page)
Inside BC Place where the opening ceremonies will soon begin.

Derek and a friend who ran part of the torch relay. He tells me that for $400, you get to keep the torch after. It's like going to A&W and paying extra to keep the mug, only better.

As for my Olympic viewing plans, I will sitting in front of my TiVo watching every night suffering through the NBC coverage with far too much talking, and far too many "human interest" stories interrupting the coverage. What other choice do I have? Oh, and I ill be rooting for my favorite figure skater, Johnny Weir.


Michael Guy said...

C'mon girls...let's give it up for Johnny Weir!!! I adore his moxie, style and big balls!

('big balls' in the figurative sense)

Carolyn said...

Johnny Weir is the gayest male figure skater I have ever seen, and that is saying a LOT! I love him. I wish he was my next door neighbor.