Monday, March 01, 2010

USA v. CANADA hockey final

I walked around Vancouver early in the morning on Sunday. The second pic is a street hockey game being played in the center of town. People were burning off energy before watching "the most important game of their life".

There's a picture of Derek and Tanya who were GOING to the game. When people in the restaurant heard they were actually attending, they cheered for them and Derek got high-fives all around. I kinda cried a little, I was so happy for them. Derek described the feeling as "like taking every Christmas and birthday you had from age 1 to 14, wrap it together with getting your drivers license and graduation, and you have almost 10% of what he was feeling."

We watched the game from inside CityLive. I'll never be able to describe it. I may never recover my hearing.

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A Lewis said...

I thought of you during the Closing Ceremonies! I still can't believe that you were able to experience it all. Stunning.