Monday, October 04, 2010


Look what I found in a box! Old collages I made, or perhaps I should more aptly call them "Time Capsules". (This post is inspired by Cheryl over at Mystic Missive)

This first one is from our ten day tour of Amsterdam for the Gay Games in August of 1998. We went over for work and since work was paying, we spent A LOT of MONEY. It was a blast!

The collage includes ticket stubs from the opening and closing ceremonies, flyers for the artists that performed and brochures of tours and parties we attended. There's a map of the city center where we spent most or our time, hotel key, restaurant receipts... Wow, it's freaky to remember all this.

This one is representing a trip we took to Manhattan.
I think this was the first trip Lyle and I had taken to NYC together. It was after I had been unjustly let go from my job at Nordstrom and we took my 401k money and blew it on a trip to New York. The ticket stubs say 1997 so I guess we can place this time capsule. I remember exactly what I said after we saw the Broadway Musical "Titanic".

Lyle: "What did you think?"
Me: It was kinda' sad.
"Of course it was sad. It was the TITANIC! You do know that nearly everyone dies, right?"
Yeah, but I thought maybe they would have focused on the ones that survived...

The next night we saw "Jekyll & Hyde".
Lyle: "What did you think?"
Me: It was kinda' sad.
"Oh my god. Weren't you forced to read this story in school? Everyone knows how this ends!"
Um, I skipped a lot of high school...

And here we have Los Angeles:
This has all our "Staff" backstage passes to the events we used to volunteer for at APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles). We met EVERYONE and I was always too shy to speak or get a photo. Lauren Bacall, Gore Vidal, Calvin Klein, Todd Oldham, Naomi Campbell, Jackie Collins, Liza Minelli, and on, and on, and on... It's funny, looking back, I remember meeting those famous people, but what I recall even more is how much fun we had with the other volunteers, our friends and just hanging out with each other.

I made these collages about 10 or more years ago and when I was done, I didn't even hang them up. Everything was a little too fresh in my mind and they seemed so cluttered. Now, they are going up on the wall. I need to remember more of these things and remember the joy of fresh experiences and the wonder of newness.


jwlsesq said...

Those are so cool! I love the that the one I noticed first from Hollywood is that you were a media volunteer for Calvin Klein! How cool was that!

Cheryl said...

I like the Los Angeles one the best. How about a collage of Lola and Cooper? Thanks for the mention in your blog.

Jim said...

Cheryl, I think that is officially a "shout out" as the hip kids say on MTV.

Mr Lonely said...

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"Just David!" said...

that's way too cool