Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, you're sitting there saying to yourself, "Thanksgiving? What happened to October and November? How drunk did I get on Halloween?" Don't worry, it's still October, and if you are one of those lucky enough to live in a multicultural household like ours, you get to have TWO Thanksgivings! One for Canada and one for the United States.

We weren't really planning anything for this weekend. Well probably working, but then my mother sent an email wishing us "Happy Thanksgiving!" and asked, "Do you have any special plans?"

Before I was out of bed on Saturday morning, Lyle had already phoned three people inviting them over for dinner on Sunday. Yikes! We needed to start food shopping!

The first thing we were surprised by was the lack of places that had turkeys available that weren't frozen. Third phone call was the charm and we found one. Then it was off to markets and gathering of harvest delights.

Saturday night saw the cooking of the pumpkin pie.
Lyle does not eat pumpkin pie, but I do. Lots of it! And I will confess, I want the pumpkin pie of my childhood which is Libby's canned pumpkin and the recipe from the Libby's label. Yes, parts of my childhood came canned.

Lyle made two pies (good thing, I'm already on the second pie) and he generally reconfigures the spices from the label recipe. More cinnamon. Always a little more cinnamon. A less nutmeg. Although to be fair, he did freshly grate the nutmeg he used. Canned, but lovingly made.
Then there is the decorating of the pie to be considered. Note the maple leaves.

On Sunday morning we went to the local farmer's market and got as many ingredients fresh as we could. This included the "pink lady" apples. I told Lyle that I think the Pink Lady apples taste like champagne inside the pie. About noon, Lyle started making the apple pies.
From this, to....


I am in charge of the stuffing. The funny part is, the recipe is from Lyle's family but Lyle is no longer in charge of it. Now it is my recipe.
A pound of bacon, one chopped onion, A yellow, red or orange pepper (never green), celery, mushrooms, corn (fresh from the cob if possible) and handful of dried cranberries. I also use pineapple sage to give a sweet and savory flavor. Once it's all cooked together it gets mixed with the toasted bread cubes.

Then there is the turkey. We picked up the turkey on Saturday and Lyle brined it overnight in the refrigerator. On Sunday it went into the smoker about 11 am. By 4:30, it was ready.
It's the most amazing turkey recipe. So moist (due to brining) and then slowly smoked to perfection. TASTY!!!!

The table was set with our turkey plates (we get to use them at least twice every year).

Then it was time for food, friends and wine.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!


A Lewis said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Columbus Day.
Happy Coming Out Day.

Anonymous said...

I just gained 10 lbs reading this - and it was so worth it!!!

Cheryl said...

Jim, please send me the stuffing recipe. It sounds divoon! What is pineapple sage?

"Just David!" said...

OMG, I love it... my entire childhood was canned! Live the dream baby!!! And, I'm wearing the shirt you sent me to the fashion shows tonight.

jason said...

Those pies look sooo great...and I don't even like Thanksgiving, so that's saying something.

Jules said...

That looked like an amazing feast! Sorry I'm late in wishing it, but Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I can't believe how beautiful your whole meal looked.

Michael Guy said...

Oh my! Lyle's pie decorative pie-crusts are right out of Martha Stewart! (belated) Happy Thanksgiving! Love the tablesetting...

x o