Thursday, November 24, 2011

TV movie: The Gathering, 1977

Countdown to Christmas 30 days

I thought I would attempt a little something here with the blog. I've got Christmas thought a plenty and they fill my head. So I thought I would blog for the next THIRTY days about Christmas. Hold on tight, this sled don't stop until Christmas!

The Gathering, 1977

When Adam Thornton (Ed Asner) learns he has two months to live, he decides to make peace with his family. The problem is, his family isn't exactly fond of him due to the fact that he walked out on his wife four years ago and he hasn't spoken to his youngest son since he fled to Canada to avoid the draft. When his doctor says he can't travel to reconcile with each of his children, his wife (Maureen Stapleton) suggests that they invite them all for Christmas. Will they all show up?

This movie is hard to find on broadcast TV. Probably because its total late 70's schmaltz. My sister and I used to stay up late during the Christmas season and we would always find this movie and then cry all the way through it.

Not much has changed. I watched this last night and knowing where it was headed, I started to cry during the opening credits. I can't even wear my glasses when I watch this movie as it pulls at my emotions like a well oiled machine.

I've added a clip here, but if you think you may watch this, skip it. It's THE MOMENT towards the end of the film and it will spoil all the hard work the director put in to manipulating your emotions. If you already seen it (hint, hint, my sister Debbie) make sure you have a Kleenex handy.

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Cheryl said...

Wow, that was wonderful. I remember seeing it.