Sunday, November 27, 2011

TV movie: The Homecoming - A Christmas Story, 1971

Countdown to Christmas 28 days

Before it was a TV series, it was TV movie of the week.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, 1971

The Walton family is about to celebrate another Christmas. It's the '30s and it's the Depression. Father John Walton promised to be home but seems to be late. When John hasn't showed for hours, Ma sends John-Boy out to find him. Will John ever get home to celebrate Christmas with his family?

I loved Patricia Neal as the Mother of the Walton clan. My favorite scene is when John-Boy brings home two bottles from the Baldwin sisters and his mother, assuming it was bootleg hooch, demands he pour it out in the snow. This is another TV movie my sister and I lived for and once again, it is difficult to find on broadcast television.

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