Thursday, April 12, 2007


Here are two sets of "before and after" pictures of the backyard. I guess technically they are "after and Before" photos because I put the after pics first as I like them better.

I've got one more set, but my computer hates me and crashed repeatedly yesterday as I tried to match the last set up. So keep your fingers crossed for those.

After - a babbling brook meanders past Buddha. In the background a grapefruit tree tries to make a comeback. To the right of the photo, tomato plants!
Before - a solid hedge takes up tree feet of yard. A cement oval sits in the middle of the yard for no reason. The grapefruit tree is completely obscured by creeping bamboo plants. You're guide to comparing the changes, in the center behind Lyle is a tree trunk that is also in the center of the photo prior. It is to the left of the neighbor's garage wall, now painted terra cotte.

After - The lemon tree in the center has a low rock wall built out of the old cement patio that used to be in the backyard. A gracious pathway leads you through the yard. The dog poop is cleaned up more than once a week (an improvement over the last tenants who cleaned up once a year - if that)
Before - Ugh. Where to start? That blue bucket in the back and the square cement planter in the back are both filled with dog poo. No one was ever going to take it away... There is no grass. The wooden walkway started in the middle of a dirt yard and ended in dirt as well. To compare photos, you can see the corner of the fence and shed behind the garage meeting right behind the lemon tree trunk.


Rachel said...

And a LOVELY backyard it is too!

Christina said...

Wow I like the wall painted that different color. It really blends the whole yard. Plus I like the work you both put in on this. Very nice.

Rachel said...

It is a nice warm color.