Friday, April 06, 2007

Secret vacation

Robb was headed to his mother's house in Casa Grande , Arizona for Easter. So of course he flew to Los Angeles.

He came in on Thursday evening and on Sunday we drove to Arizona in the convertible. It only took us 12 hours. Okay, we took some odd routes, made a number of stops (including the outlet mall outside Palm Springs - that about 3 hours) but we finally made it there about 11 at night. For all my effort, I got a lovely sunburn because not only had the car been topless, so had I.

In trying to put some things down here, I realize Robb took all the photos and he still has them in his camera. Oops. All the pictures I have are the new header photo up above and this picture of Robb down below. The cactus pic, I stole from the internet.

Mickey's house in Arizona is fab. Great color scheme, great layout and so welcoming. But then All of John and Mickey's houses have been like that so it came as no surprise. Casa Grande, AZ is about 45 minutes south of Phoenix. Or one could say smack in the middle of nowhere unless you think fertilized fields count as somewhere.

All there was to do was eat, drink, hang out by the pool and visit with each other. I managed to do all four.

I extended my stay one extra day to see Lewis when he flew down on Wednesday. Boy was he glad to be out of the North and all its weather woes.

I drove back on Thursday. It took 6 and half hours with far fewer stops. Sadly I put on too strong a sunscreen and didn't get nearly the sunburn I had planned for the return trip.

Surprise! Robb was in town!


Rachel said...

That sounds lovely.

Jim said...

My head (and body) are still recovering from the drive back. It was much easier with two drivers going there.

jay said...

Road Trips are always fun!