Monday, April 30, 2007


Rachel's birthday was Thursday, Happy Birthday Rachel!

Since Rachel, Chandra and I all have annual passes to Disneyland and California Adventure we decided to go make a festive day of it.

As you may notice, I tortured Rachel by forcing her to wear a tiara and a button that read, "Birthday Girl". Yeah, forced her... she willingly obliged.

Joining us, were Rachel and Chandra's friends Christine and Emery.

Above is a photo of the photo they take at the top of "Tower Of Terror". Christina was a tad frightened.
Here we all are looking happy and snappy in California Adventure.

The cheapest form of entertainment (after you pay your hefty entrance fee) is to try on hats, laugh and take photos. But do NOT purchase. Honestly, where are you gonna wear those hats outside Disneyland?
Chandra models the Jack Skellington Mouse ears.

Princess for a day (or week, or year...)

A fitting photo finish to a lovely special birthday.


Rachel said...

Did the picture with banner ever turn out?

Rachel said...

PS - Love what you did with my bday hat!

Rachel said...

BTW - If I didn't say it at the time, you look lovely in the princess hat.