Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gym day

Or should that be "Jim Day"?

The gym I go to in West Hollywood (Crunch) is full of famous people. I don't tell you this to brag. I don't tell you this to boast. I tell you this because I believe nothing exciting happens to me in my everyday life but when I tell someone who doesn't live here who goes to my gym they get excited.

Let me also add that I do not speak to these people. They do not approach me. So blasé about celebrities are we in LA that no one even gapes or points them out. To be fair, we do a triangular approach where you check them out by looking in a mirror that reflects another mirror by way of a window. Or you pretend you know someone behind them and look at your mystery friend.

All that being laid out, about two years ago I saw Drew Barrymore on the treadmill.
Yes, she looked just like that. Except she had dark hair, a hat on, and clothes.

Yesterday Randolf Duke (fashion designer and TV commentator) was there. After my long intro on how I never speak to any of these people I must now confess that my friend Tony has a friend who is Best Friends Forever with Randolph and I have actually met him and spoken with him. But didn't yesterday.

He was also wearing a hat while at the gym.

I haven't seen Mr. Ian Ziering since I joined the gym. I did see him there within the first few months of joining, but not since then. Best known for being on the show "Beverly Hills 90210" he is now on "Dancing With the Stars".
There are signs in the gym that they have a TV watching party at the restaurant downstairs on Mondays to "SUPPORT OUR IAN!" I don't' attend.

And finally, just to torment all the people who watch "Grey's Anatomy" yesterday also had an official sighting of "Dr. McSteamy" Eric Dane. As casual as we all are, that one seemed to get a lot more cross triangulation viewing than others.

You have to wonder if it's like in the Movie "Soapdish" when Sally Fields' character feels needy and she goes to a mall in New Jersey to be "surprised" by her adoring fans. Are these people at my gym a) keeping it real; b) too cheap to go somewhere private; c) looking to be noticed; or d) who really cares? This is LA after all!
This photo of Eric Dane was not taken in the gym shower. He also was fully clothes while at the gym but surprisingly, he was not wearing a hat.


Rachel said...

Cross triangulation, ha! I like that.

jay said...

Well, I figure some celebrities just want to be treated like regular people and don't wanna have to spend their time doing everything in private.