Monday, September 03, 2007


My Dolly. I bought her last year. Here she is showing off the view we had last year from our hotel. Now she lives on my Christmas tree. Up near the top. She makes me giggle.
We were at the W in the French Quarter. Behold our view this year. So lovely...

Home now. American Airlines will be getting their unpleasant letter sometime later this week. Not only was the flight to New Orleans a monumental pain in my ass, but the airline felt the need to add on pain by cancelling our return flight for Monday. They got us on the flights after Lyle caught their mistake, but by then our seats up at the front of the plane and our place on the upgrade lists were all lost.

The other thing lost was my voice. I think I left it in a bar the second night we were there. 7 am is still night if you haven't been to sleep, right?


Rachel said...

So, um, did they explain at all why they felt they had the need to cancel your flight? That's ridiculous.

Christopher said...

J'adore the any city.

p.s. Is your brother also "family"...either way, he be looking good!...y'all have nice genes.

Carolyn said...

I've never been to "The Big Easy" personally. I am afraid someone would ask me to show them my tits and, frankly, the jewelry you get in return isn't worth lifting my shirt for.
It looks like so much fun, though.

Lewis said...

Those are some very serious eye lashes, I must add. She looks like she's been smoking a little something.

Jim said...

Rachel - they said their system automatically canceled the rest of our itinerary when we failed to show up for the Friday morning flight we were booked on out of Dallas to New Orleans. Uh, that would be because we were on the flight from Dallas to New Orleans on Thursday night. Unacceptable.

Christopher - yep, busted. the brother was out later than I was every night but one. He held the record for latest night in our little group by rolling in at 8:30 one morning. It's called Commitment.

Carolyn - they only go crazy for that stuff around Mardi Gras. If you were to go when we did for Labor Day, Tony would be the one to worry for. As for the value of what you get versus what you give, you should talk to Rachel. She went a week before Mardi Gras one year and cam home with a LARGE backpack stuffed to the gills with her boob gotten booty. We went over it before she left, "pull your neckline down, don't pull the bottom of your shirt up. It's faster."

Lewis - my little girl was made in China. She's probably soaked in lead paint. I can only wonder what the workers in the factory in China think about America. I can say that my black friend from New Orleans gave me the go ahead to buy my first "pickaninny" angel. She lives on the Christmas tree slightly higher than this Dolly.

Rachel said...

Yes, pull the shirt down, not up, unless you have excellent abs, which you may. I don't. So I opted to show the boobs without showing the big white belly.

And I came home with a 5 lb bag of beads.

jay said...

To me, 7am is definitely still night if you haven't slept!