Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shit. It's raining

Took this photo of an umbrella for sale in Montreal.

I hate the rain. It's not a love/hate relationship. Just hate. Fall arrived on Friday and I hate the Fall as well.

I have nice Fall/Winter clothes. I love Christmas. I have travel galore booked to cover the time until Summer returns to me. I live in California. How bad could it be?

But the days get shorter and shorter. The temperature requires I wear actual pants and (oh horror) socks.

Last night as the heavens opened and the rain beat the crap out of the house I tried not to cry myself to sleep. It feels as if my best friend just took a job far, far away. I won't get to see him/her for at least 6 months. Oh sure, we'll e-mail, we'll talk on the phone. We may even get to see each other however briefly in the meantime. But he/she won't be here with me day to day making me smile and giving me all that warmth I need so badly.

So, I've hauled out the boots, switched the sweaters lower and the T-shirts higher and moved the rain proof outerwear to the front of the hall closet.

Goodbye Summer. Don't forget to write!


Sherri said...

I'm a Florida girl and Fall is my favorite season. I can turn off the A/C, open the windows, breathe the air and walk outside without having to push the humidity out of the way! There's finally some rain after a long dry summer. Flowers are blooming, things are green, and soon I'll be able to wear cuddly sweaters and fleece for those three weeks each year they are bearable!

Yeah, I know -- disgusting :D It's all in what you have too much of.

Rachel said...

Hey, it's going to be up to 80 this week. It will be okay.

The T-Dude said...

I look forward to winter every year. The snow is so beautiful, the cold crisp air feels so good on my skin. But by the time March rolls around, I'm ready for sun again.

john said...

Rain can be refreshing sometimes!!

Silly Billy said...

I heart Fall. And nothing is better than a nice cup of tea listening to the rain fall.

Carolyn said...

I hate rain, but I love my raincoat from Ann Taylor I like it to gently rain every once in a while.
I like fall shoes. Jim, do you have a photo of some more fabulous fall shoes? I've seen the boots, now I want to see the shoes. And not just a rear-view either. It makes me feel dirty for some reason....

Christopher said...'re right, we really are on opposite ends of the bed on this one!...excuse while I practice "singin in the rain"...wheee!!!

Jules said...

Those damned socks... they're sooo hard to get used to in the Fall, aren't they!? Chin up, honey, your dear friend will be back before you know it.... it's like how things run around here and all that jazz.

Jim said...

The weather turned back to the good side this week. I went to Disneyland in shorts yesterday.

However on Tuesday I head to the Pacific Northwest and my mother graciously offered the following forecast: THE EXTENDED OUTLOOK FOR NEXT WEEK IS CALLING FOR BELOW NORMAL TEMPERATURES AND ABOVE NORMAL PRECIPITATION FOR THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

Why God? Why?