Saturday, September 15, 2007

Out of the closet

And now a rare glimpse. Not just at my giant hair from 1990 (oh my god! It's so DARK!), but inside my closet!

I must preface this with an anecdote from my first year in college.

When I had my handbook on dorm living for my first year at college, I saw there was a photo of a girl walking into the dorm on move-in day carrying all her clothes folded over here arm. OH THE HORROR! All the world seeing all her clothes right there in black and white in print FOREVER. I swore a solemn vow at that moment, that girl would not be me.

On move-in day, I had every item I owned locked up tight inside luggage, wardrobe boxes or inside garment bags. "If I want someone to see my clothes, I'll wear them!"

Later in life I developed a strange phobia about going to laundromats. Complete strangers would be able to see my entire wardrobe laid out for free peeking while I folded and waited for the final load in a dryer! That fear was realized when someone asked me where I had purchased a rather cute pair of boxer shorts. I took another vow on that spot to get a washer & dryer at home and never air my laundry, dirty or otherwise, in public.

I tell you this, so you know what a big deal it is for me to put these photos here. I am reconsidering as I write this. Read quick! I may change my mind.

We moved in a year ago, and the master bedroom closet was a sad place to put clothes. I hate things being hard to find. I knew what I needed, and it would require effort. The closet has been the last project.
Old closet above. I've built a panorama photo of three shots, left center and right, to give a better perspective. On the left, shelves, then half a rod. Across the back, a full rod that you can only use the center of due to the rods going back on the left and right. Above shelves that needed more shelves above, but why do something just to tear it out later. Below, wasted space. (center: Pink stuffed pig for dog toy. Cooper was ripping it up and I had to find a high enough place to keep it from him)

This is the computer drawn plan to change the closet! Click on this photo above to enlarge and witness its inherent beauty. (oops, what a goof. I placed the center panel on the left and the left panel in the center when I built this picture. It was annoying to put together, and I'm not re-doing it. So figure that out for yourself. Maybe this is the sign that I shouldn't be putting all this up here after all...)

Everything torn out. We lined the back of the closet with aromatic cedar. The ceiling was covered in the popcorn fleck stuff so I covered it with a cheap white sheet and now can place things up high next to the ceiling without emerging in ceiling dandruff.

Finally, a poor quality photo to show off all our hard work! On the left, one hang bar high, one hang bar low. Shelf above holds boots. Laundry baskets across the back floor, full length mirror ($14, thank you Ikea!) with a shelf above. On the right, shelf after shelf for sweaters (up high, we live in California) T-shirts (by color - I used to work in retail), shorts, pants, jeans then shoes. The mirror really is square in real life. The laundry isn't always that high.

And finally, for Carolyn who asked to see my shoe collection. Here's a brief glimpse at the boots. From left: Lyle's suede engineer boots, my silver (yes, gun metal silver) boots, then the Gucci boots (go ahead, click on the photo and see if you can read that little square label. I can't.), my brown engineer boots, and my nearly knee high black boots. Can you believe I almost always have on flip flops? Oh, and isn't that sheet pulled nice and tight across the ceiling!


Lewis said...

So, you guys need to go on the 80/20 plan. We already know that we actually use/wear only 20% of what we have. That leaves 80% untouched....get rid of it! (You ought to see the huge pile in the middle of our bedroom floor waiting to go bye-bye.) I think you just need your flip flops, a few pair of shorts, and a few T's. Although I could get into a few pair of those worn shoes......yum.

Lewis said...

PS....I'm just glad that you came OUT of that closet in the top pic. Dig the hair.

Rachel said...

You are a WONDER to behold! I remember watching you put that cedar lining in. IT's a beautiful job!

Rachel said...

PS - I think you're very brave. I know what you mean. I hate having my laundry around for just anyone to see.

Jim said...

Um, how do I tell you Lewis... I have another closet of stuff that is "in transition". It sits in the guest room closet for 6 months to year (some things are so seasonal) waiting to see if I need it back into the big closet.

Perhaps you hail from my dad's school of thought, "You've only got two feet, why do you need so many shoes!?"

Christopher said...

I am soooo jealous of that closet! that pic of you...btw, we had the same hairstyle!

Sherri said...

Most Beautiful!

Silly Billy said...

My, you were a cutie back then huh? Not that you aren't cute now too. You are.

Ok, I will shut up now.

Carolyn said...

Check out those Pinball Wizard boots! Does Elton John know that you have his shiny shoes? Love it! Thank you for the gratuitous shoe photo. It's nice to be remembered!

Jules said...

Wow, I'm so proud of you for posting these pics... your wardrobe is so... pretty!

Robb said...

Um, you don't really have to worry about showing off your clothes based on that picture - MY byblos jacket and MY Marios T-shirt - hah! (Possibly even my shorts and belt)