Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Alternate title was going to be "Ashhole".

As we got on our flight home from NYC people kept talking about "the fires". I make it a habit to not follow the news when I am away from home, so I was all, "huh?"

As we got close to landing we could see the fires out by Big Bear from the window of the plane. All I could say was it made me feel so sad.

So for the last few days we've been covered in ash from the fires. Though it's been around 90°+ outside, we've kept the house closed up tight to keep the ash outside. Lyle hosed down the house, yard, driveway and the cars to get the latest layers off.

Still, very sad.


Carolyn said...

I'm glad you guys aren't in any immediate danger. We have some relatives that have been evacuated, but luckily they can afford to get evacuated to PHEONIX and not to some school gym full of cots. Guess you won't be driving around in your sexy convertible with the top down, eh?

Rachel said...

It's better now. Mostly contained. And hopefully not as hot today as tomorrow.

But yeah, still sad.

Silly Billy said...

I hope you guys stay safe.

Christina said...

I was just going to ask how things were there because it's just been a little gray here, the air is smoky but there's no ash. When I was in Orange County during the bad fires, ash was everywhere and it hurt to breath. Despite the heat, it's a better idea to keep things closed so you aren't sucking ash into your lungs.

Stay Well!

Michael Guy said...

Hope all is well; I have been concerned. Take care!