Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bullet dodged

We're back. Got in late (as always) Monday night.

Haven't had a chance to upload photos yet.

But to answer Carolyn's question, "Did anything happen to your luggage?"

No. We packed extremely light and took only carry on luggage so we could avoid any incident on this trip.

At first I felt like I was getting even with the airline by carrying on my own luggage, then I realized they are probably thrilled to not have to handle it and allow me to drag it all over kingdom come. I will now start plotting some other revenge.


Rachel said...

I feel fortunate on all my trips so far. *knocks on cyber wood*

Michael Guy said...

So, like, one bag for all the shoes and cosmetics? Just one bag?! I'm just thinking out loud here...

Jim said...

One flight attendant bag with wheels. And one carry on each. Since any toiletries must be in size 3 oz or less and in a 1 quart ziplock bag of which there can only be one ziplock bag per traveller, that didn't take up much room.

No boots.