Monday, October 01, 2007

Headed North

I am going to visit my parents in Bellingham, Washington (North of Seattle, but not quite yet Canada) for a few days. If you know one thing about me it's that I hate bananas.

Oh, and I hate the rain as well.

Forecast for my time in Boringham:
Tuesday - 100% chance of rain. High of 60. Low of 46.
Wednesday - 70% chance of rain. High of 55. Low of 42.
Thursday - 70% chance of rain. High of 54. Low of 39. Uh, 39? May as well just place me inside the freezer.
Friday - 20% chance of rain. High of 53. Low of 43. Right, on the day I leave it most likely won't rain. But even then, no guarantee.


Lewis said...

Damn! You're gonna shoot right over the top of me. Now, that doesn't sound very good does it? Maybe over shoot is a better term. And, yes my little biscuit, the rains have returned....thankfully -- upon a parched earth to green us up again. Happy travels. I'll watch for you in the sky above me today.

Christopher said...

Well there goes your banana nut bread I was gonna bake for you to munch on the plane!....and I loves me the rain!

Silly Billy said...

Wait - so are you trying to say it rains a lot in Seattle?

Sherri said...

Just think of it as an opportunity to look dashing and mysterious in a hat and trench coat. And nubbly sweaters!

You live in Florida long enough, you get a 'thing' for nubbly sweaters.

Jules said...

Just pack WARM clothes... you'll survive!