Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Wrap (up)

Here's the house all done up in lights. Way up on the roof is a 5 foot fiberglass snowman. My friend Daved got it for me after Christmas the year he worked at J. Crew. He called and asked for a ride, said he had something large to get home. Imagine my delight to find him waiting at the bus stop with our gentleman Frosty!

So there is was on the roof. I described the whole design schematic for my mother, "...and right up above the front door is the fiberglass snowman lit with spotlights on the roof!" And my mother asked me what we had attached it to. And I literally, "Pooh pooh"-ed her. "The roof is flat. It was so heavy getting it up there, there is no way it's coming down easily."

Then came the winds of Christmas Eve... 35-50 mile an hour winds. 70 mile an hour gusts. The lights flickered on, off, on, off.. then poof! Blackout. Moments later came the boom bounce sound of a large plastic object falling from a great height (I used to work in retail display, trust me I know that sound). Lyle and I looked at each other and both exclaimed together, "THE SNOWMAN!" and rushed out to see it rolling back and forth in the front porch. It's cracked, but may survive to live another holiday. Mom, I apologize. You knew best. (this time.)

Here's the decor without the snowman.

Mr Cooper LUVS getting gifts. Especially unwrapping and creating a horrid mess.
Lola loves unwrapping gifts so much, we don't keep any under the tree. Everything goes above doggy mouth levels. This year she nabbed one of Lyle's gifts while I was looking for ribbon to put on it.

And for Christmas I got an alien puppy.
Check out Mr Cooper's magic headlight eyes!


Lewis said...

Looks like a lot of fun, you guys. Happy New Year!

Rachel said...


Carolyn said...

All the snowmen out here are made of actual they don't crack, they melt. It's very sad. I am sorry your snowman is cracked. Mine is doing his Wicked Witch of the West impression..."I'm melting! I'm melting!"

The T-Dude said...

Love the tree! And the dogs. They are beautiful.

Michael Guy said...

Great lights!!! Sorry about Mr. Snowman. :(