Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve came in this year on a Monday. And strangely it seemed just like any other Monday here at mi casa. Lyle, Chan and dinner that I made. Nothing extravagant. Took the dogs out for a walk after, then had Christmas presents between us since Chan had been gone until this afternoon.

I was highly resentful that we were not going out and doing a big hoopla. I like big hooplas. But then you start to look at the effort to get to the hoopla, the cost of the hoopla, the drama of the hoopla and all the "amateurs" out having their once a year hoopla and it all starts to feel a little forced.

Don't pity me. I had a nice evening. Also don't think I'm getting all old suddenly. I had hoopla on Friday night for a friend's birthday and I have considerable hoopla planned for the week we are in Vegas for work starting next Saturday.

A part of me wanted to take a sleeping pill at 10 pm tonight and send this year out with a whimper not a bang. Then I had a glass of wine with dinner and it gave me a start on a migraine headache and suddenly I was taking a mega pain killer and it looked like my wish was about to accidentally come true!

Tomorrow Christmas will come down and though I want my normal house back, I will be very sad to see it all go. New Year's, like Christmas can be a very rough time for me with all sorts of expectations. But I've made it through.

And now I have much, much work to do before I go to Vegas. Oh, and don't expect me to blog too much about work in Vegas, I'm really just going for the food.


Lewis said...

Those looks, my boy.....what's up with those looks? HNY

Carolyn said...

I love the looks. Isn't the first one "Blue Steel"? Classic!
You have to tell me what is going on in Vegas. Please!
I think your New Year's Eve sounds nice. In all honesty, isn't the best part of going out on NYE making fun of other people's ideas of "going out clothes"? That's what I always used to do...

Rachel said...

I didn't go anywhere and still ended up staying up late and sleeping till noon. Happy New Year!

Christopher said...

"Now turn to the left"!

Have fun in Vegas!!

Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jim, and leaving a comment on going green. Your suggestions were great. As for ringing in the new year, I didn't make it too far beyond 11 and seeing Dick Clark so unlike the old Dick Clark kind of made me sad and I went to bed. Have a bunch of fun in Vegas.

Also, I love the decorations at your place and the snowman story was funny. We moms do know a thing or two.

Michael Guy said...

Those peepers! I've seen your pics before...but good god...what eyes!

Now don't let that go to your head; you already know you're fabulous!

New Year's was fun here. Best Gay Friend did a superb job of keeping my mind off 'sad things' and on much brighter, shinier things. Like 2008.

Hugs to you and yours at the New Year, Jim! :)

The T-Dude said...

Yeah, that is definately Blue Steel. Why are you going to Vegas? Inquiring minds want to know.