Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy, not forgotten

I haven't forgotten you all my little poodles (hi, dad. You can big a big poodle if you want).

I've been busy. Working. Doing. Visiting. I've got an out of town guest here this week and we have been to the outlet mall, we're doing some shopping today and tomorrow is Disneyland.

And since I don't have a lot of time, let me quickly tell you that last Saturday I met authors Patricia and Walter Wells (who used to be the editor of the International Herald Tribune in Paris).

I was invited via a friend to a welcome to LA/book launch party. It was held at a Hollywood Hills home sitting just below Griffith Park Observatory with an incredible view of Downtown.

I don't normally run in these circles and at times felt like such a dork. But Ms Wells made a point of coming over to our group and introducing herself and was so gracious to make conversation with dorky me. I like her. I want to be her next best friend. Unfortunately that won't happen soon because I can't afford the price tag of a one week cooking school with her in Paris, $5000.00. As Michael Guy would say, "Le sigh."


Michael Guy said...

OH my! Hefty price for stirring some sauce in a copper pot! But it would be an adventure, wouldn't it?!

"Le magnifique!"

I like my eggs over easy. Just saying.

Sounds like quite the party and view. So whatd'ya wear?!

Rachel said...

That sounds like it was a lovely time.

Lewis said...

Shall I digress and tell you what I did in those same hills below the observatory many many years ago? In the weeds? Up a winding, dark trail? Yup.