Friday, May 09, 2008

I kid you not

Since I've been working on some photos for my mother's party I thought I would just air some of my dirty laundry right now. I was once a child. There I said it. And now here is the proof.
That's me in the middle. I love Christmas.

Here I am working the deep-V and clearly some lip and cheek stain. Either that or it was very cold outside and no one thought enough about me to bundle me up.

Our finest moment. Jesus gazes upon us and weeps for the future. That is all my sister's own hair. I threw a fit moments before this picture because when I was told I was going to be in the wedding I was promised a "monkey suit" and clearly this jacket had no tail like the monkeys had in the "Wizard of Oz." THEY BROUGHT ME THE WRONG SUIT!!!

Same church a few years later. Now we know why Jesus was crying all those years before.


The T-Dude said...

Yeah! Where's the fur? The tail? The funny mask? I want a monkey suit too!

"Just David!" said...

several things... the pic with the V-neck, is that your purse? ha!

the whole post is hysterical and you certainly have your mother's smile!!

Great pics and thanks for sharing! and for the laughs!! You funny fella!!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, I am still laughing. Jesus isn't crying...He's laughing too. I love family pictures. No, I take that back. I love YOUR family pictures.

TheHMC said...

I hadn't seen this yet. Please tell me there are more to come.