Thursday, December 09, 2010

I wished too hard, I wished too early

Today as we fly to Paris I am seeing reports that snow has arrived before me. No fair, it was supposed to arrive with me!

My dream is to fall asleep watching it snow, set my alarm for 4 am and set out with my camera to take perfect untouched snow photos before anyone walks through it. Like this:

And so the snow arrives. Early.
Heavy snow yesterday shut Charles de Gualle-Roissy airport, paralysed the Paris bus network and forced operators of the Eiffel Tower to close the landmark tourist attractions, officials said. Motorists were warned that all motorways in the Paris region had become impassable and truckers were ordered to pull off highways and wait until conditions improved. One in five flights at CDG had already been canceled at the request of France's civil aviation authority due to poor weather forecast.
And it turns out that Paris currently looks like this:

We will most likely arrive to plowed streets, rain, and old dirty used snow. On the bright side we will be in Paris for four days.

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