Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Every year I try to write a funny little something
Sum up the year in rhyming tome, a talent that ain’t nothing
This year is a kicker, cause I don’t feel the spirit
But drag your holiday all down? Oh, I couldn’t bear it

It’s a blur! It’s a curse! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
Look! Up in the sky!
The highs and lows came fast and faster!
From “jump for joy”, to “I could cry.”

Jim went to Vancouver and caught Olympic Fever
Lyle was left at home with dogs, glued to TV receiver
Then sad news, Jim’s Uncle Ed passed away this Spring
Family support gathered round, so tough but strengthening

On the home front, the back of our house, sprung a nasty leak
The roof gave way, the water came and things were looking bleak
Then came construction or more correct, then came tearing down
Months went by but finally bed, bath and closet are spiffy town.

Summer arrived with our house was tore up, so we headed East
Palm Springs every weekend, tanning never ceased
Friends and family came and visited, we enjoyed each one
Who will visit next year? Oh I could use some fun!

Summer in Grande Prairie, we caught up with great friends
Don’t ask about “the meat fight”, this group’s party never ends
We bought a cute convertible, her name is “Mrs. B”
White and tan with just two seats, she’s vintage Mercedes.

But summer ends and Fall arrives and the cycles do remind us
That time is fleeting, love of friends and family is what binds us
Our precious Lola passed away, she brought us so much joy
Our hearts are broke but on the mend, now Cooper’s our single boy.

Life continues on its course and travel lies ahead
Paris this December, then perhaps skiing or a sled?
We’re living our lives, we’re forging ahead where does time disappear?
Merry Christmas one and all, have a happy New Year!

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jason said...

love it.

merry christmas to you too!

(sheesh, the best I could do to rhyme)